About Us


The Illiana Cat Project was created as a way for dedicated and compassionate individuals to join efforts to humanely reduce the Lansing, Illinois and Munster, Indiana area's community cat population. Through the Trap-Neuter-Return model (TNR), free-roaming cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and released back into their home environment or placed for adoption. TNR will reduce the number of cats and kittens housed and euthanized in shelter environments and improve the quality of life for cats who, despite their circumstance, deserve care and kindness. Funds donated to our campaign are allocated to the cost of  veterinary services, including spay/neuter services and vaccinations, supplies needed for TNR efforts (food, traps, chip scanners, etc.), community education efforts, and organizational overhead.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Illiana Cat Project is to humanely reduce the local community cat population in the Lansing/Munster areas through the use of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and education and outreach efforts.


  • The TNR of area community cats. This includes humanely trapping, assessing, spaying/neutering, vaccinating, and vetting each cat for release.

  • The implementation of educational programs to inform the local community on TNR and to lessen misconceptions about community cats

  • Provide resources, such as feral cat shelters and food, to local established colonies


  • The humane reduction of the free-roaming cat population in the Lansing/Munster areas to prevent overpopulation and to mitigate the spread of disease


  • A reduction in the number of cats and kittens housed and euthanized in local shelters/rescues


  • An increased community understanding of TNR through educational efforts


  • The creation of partnerships with local government, educational, and business institutions and other rescue organizations

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